Professional E-Learning Voice

Whether you’re instructing professionals, educating  the public, reassuring and guiding patients, sharing with colleagues, or teaching students, you want a voice that will make your message— regardless of how technical— meaningful. 

Kim Somers has an enthusiastic, energetic, and fun personality which connects and engages easily with all levels of learners, from students to employees.  She understands the difference between just reading a script, and being able to effectively deliver the critical content that students need to comprehend and retain.

Kim is professionalbelievablewarm and friendly, and is exceptionally clear and concise – able to make your difficult scripts easy to understand! 

Her studio houses quality production equipment, assuring quality audio at an affordable price! 

  • Narration for e-Learning, online & web-based learning systems
  • Narration for corporate & industrial training
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical Narration   
  • Audiobooks, Podcasts and Documentaries


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